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At Surefoot Podiatry we offer a full range of general foot care services.


At Surefoot Podiatry we offer a full range of general foot care services.


  • Treatment of normal to problematic/thickened nails
  • Diabetic foot health review and treatment
  • Callous and corn removal
  • Tinea and Fungal nail diagnosis and treatment
  • Ingrown toenail prevention, treatment and surgical correction

Biomechanics and Orthoses

Podiatrists study biomechanics of the feet and lower limb so they can provide anatomical assessment of patients to detect abnormalities such as flat feet, high or fallen arches and ankle, hip and knee abnormalities.

Abnormalities can be corrected through prescription foot orthoses (shoe inserts) and/or specific exercises to strengthen certain muscles or groups of muscles.

Diabetics, High Risk Treatment and the Elderly

Chronic illnesses such as diabetes, arthritis and neuropathy (e.g.pins and needles, burning pains) affect the feet and lower limbs.

For diabetes this can result in approximately 3000 amputations a year.

Footwear Advice

At Surefoot Podiatry we can assist you with finding the shoe for your needs as well as providing advice on the type of material, shape, support and cushioning your chosen activity requires.

Finding the correct pair of shoes for you will better protect you from injury, maximise your performance and ensure life long foot health.

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