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Footwear Advice

At Surefoot Podiatry we can assist you with finding the shoe for your needs as well as providing advice on the type of material, shape, support and cushioning your chosen activity requires.

Finding the correct pair of shoes for you will better protect you from injury, maximise your performance and ensure life long foot health.

We can advise you where you can purchase a large range of appropriate footwear locally.

Children's feet and lower limbs.

Children's feet differ from those of adults, as they are soft and pliable making them prone to damage from abnormal pressure, such as shoes that are too small.

Foot care can begin in infancy by keeping your baby's feet free from constriction. Grow suits should always be loose around your baby's feet. Making time for your baby to kick freely will help with the development of the muscles in the legs and feet.

Talk to Kian about children's assessment and treatment.

We guarantee to help you get back to full mobility as quickly and easily as possible.

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